Product Design
Visual Design

Internship at Zeuss Technologies

From June to December 2019, I worked as a product design intern at Zeuss Technologies in Palo Alto, California. It's a startup company developing the next generation of blockchain technology for cash-intensive industries. I was assigned to design the KYC onboarding process and UI component explorations.

The biggest pain point for customers regarding that onboarding process was the complexity of submitting numerous pieces of information, such as personal and company information with multiple certifications and licenses. With that in mind, my goal was to provide an organized, easy flow to improve the customer experience.

In order to achieve that goal, my contributions were:

I divided the complicated the onboarding process into five steps, and customers always can save their progress and return later to complete it. There is also a visual progress report indicating how the inputted information is validated.

Based on divided steps, I created interfaces for the KYC onboarding process.

I designed file storage to allow customers and admins to review process and attached files. Files are categorized into five parts: personal information, company information, owner information, licenses, and discarded files. Also, there's an indicator as to whether the file is approved or still in progress.

UI Element Explorations

I created UI component explorations to build the company's design system, which provides consistency across multiple platforms.

What I learned from the internship

My first on-site internship as a product design intern at Zeuss Technologies ended succesfully, and it ensured me that this path is the one I want to pursue further. It allowed me to practice and apply what I have been studying, especially user experience design and visual design. Additionally, it was a wonderful learning experience to do brainstorming and communicate closely with teammates from various fields. 🎉

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