Yay! You're here :) 🎉

Thank you for being more interested in me!

Hello again, it's Eunji—I go by “Whale”. 🐳

I'm a product designer passionate about exploring nature and finding thoughtful solutions that people can apply to their daily lives. I love to hear stories from all over the world. It's always exciting to be inspired by people and different from myself. Therefore, one of my goals is to create meaningful tools that make people's stories smoother and happier.

Some facts about Whale 🌊:

1. My full name has three 'e's, and that's why my logo mark has three 'e' fish.
2. I love eggs, so you'll always see me with an egg. And I love matcha and watermelon, too. These three foods make my life more pleasant and peaceful.
3. I'm a big fan of anime books. I've read more than 2500 comics since I was little.
4. Before I transferred to the Academy of Art University, I received a full scholarship grant from Yeungnam University in Daegu, South Korea.
5. I love traveling, hiking, kayaking, and walking through nature's magnificence.

And here are some of my doodles 🎨:

Again, thank you, and let's stay in touch :D
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