Hello, I'm EunJi Lee.

I love sea creatures, especially whales, which is why – unlikely as it seems – my English name is “Whale”. I once broke a rib while kayaking to see whales, but I still love them. All this goes to show that I'll go the extra mile for things that I'm passionate about, and my greatest passion is product design. 🐳💡

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Flitalk is an in-flight interactive device to provide a solution that helps passengers who face unexpected and uncomfortable situations that occur during airplane travel.


Animiable is an app that users meet endangered and extinct animals in the augmented reality. It was selected as a finalist in the Asian Design Prize 2020.

Internship at Zeuss Technologies

From Jun to Dec 2019, I had an amazing opportunity of working as a product design intern at Zeuss Technologies, a financial technology startup in Palo Alto, California.

Finding Friends

Finding Friends is an interactive educational app that helps children improve reading and speaking abilities in an engaging question-and-answer session with rare animals.

Protective Coloration

Protective Coloration is a book observing the protective coloring of animals. The book also explores the typefaces 'Publico' and 'Helvetica Neue'.

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